Alexandre PREVEL’s travel report, about the European classes’ journey to Belgium and the Netherlands,

from 7 to 11 March 2017

Day 1 : The arrival to Anvers make me sade due to the rain. Firstly, we started to visit the Anvers station, the most beautiful station in the world. Next, we gone to the Chinese district. In the afternoon, we have visited Delft, which is well known for the Delft pottery ceramic products which were styled on the imported Chinese porcelain of the 17th century, named Royal Delft. After that, we gone in Stayokay Heemskerk, our youth hostel.

Day 2 : The next day, we have visited the Port of Rotterdam, which is the 8th port in the world, in 2014, the largest port in Europe with 80 terminals, etc. By the way, we had got an access in one of them. The Port of Rotterdam is a jewel of the Dutch economy due to his exports. In the afternoon, we gone to Amsterdam to visit the « Anne Franck Huis », it was very interesting because it tells the story of Anne Franck from the beginning at the end. After that, we gone back to our youth hostel.

Day 3 : The final day, we spent free time in Amsterdam, again, with a view of canals, bicycles, houses, coffee shops, ect. Which are typicals elements of Amsterdam’s knowledge. The morning, we have visited the world-famous Amsterdam flower market. At the Amsterdam flower market you’ll find flowers of every colour, with some drugs like weed. The market is one of the main suppliess of flowers to central Amsterdam. But a biggest flower market is located in Aalsmeer, it is the busiest floral market in the world, it is called the « Aalsmeer Flower Auction ». Next, we went ahead the Rijksmuseum, one of the most known place of Amsterdam, and behind there are giants letters which wrote « I Amsterdam ». And we could see people climb on these letters. After, we have visited the Van Gogh Museum, we have discover Van Gogh as a painter and as a letter writer. Finally, we had visited a brewery named the « Brouwerij de . Prael », which we were able to do a tasting of their beers. In the evening, we ate in an other Stayokay and returned in Normandy.


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