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Visite du MAHB - Section euro de 1re STMG

Tuesday, the 12th of December 2017 - A photo taken by Mr. Hebert during our visit of the MAHB.

We have been received in the former court by Mrs Garbe, who is in charge of the communication in the Bayeux Museum.

We were very interested and happy to visit this beautiful history and art museum called the MAHB. We spoke in English with Mrs Garbe who told us about the history of the Bayeux Museum, the characteristics and the strategy of this public organization and her job (training, skills, activities). Then we discovered or rediscovered the museum’s collections (paintings, laces, porcelains), and especially its master piece of art : the « Portraits à la campagne » Gustave CAILLEBOTTE’s painting. That was a great experience !

Thanks to Mrs GARBE for her availability and oral performance in English !

Marius VERON and Michèle MERLO
1re STMG Euro MDO

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